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Adelaide’s formulation is specially formulated to help dogs of all sizes to soothe anxiety caused by allergies. CBD will not cure allergies but will help to relax your pet from anxiety and discomfort related to allergies.

It is a Zero THC formula and will not get your dog high.  It is 100% pure US grown and produced product with no heavy metals or carcinogens.  We NEVER us any ingredients from China.

My name is Adelaide, you may call me Addy. I am an Australian Shepherd. I am a high energy dog who loves working on the farm, herding the horses, and chasing after my young humans. I struggle with separation anxiety, allergies and fear of thunderstorms and fireworks. During the warmer months, I suffer from excessive scratching and biting due to severe allergies.

Because of that, Adelaide’s CBD Allergy relief for dogs was formulated. Adelaide’s CBD helps lessen my discomfort from my allergies and soothe my anxiety during thunderstorms and fireworks.

After hard days on the farm, a little CBD on my dinner helps ease joint pain.

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